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About We-Collect Textile Recycling

  • A new, innovative concept designed to address poverty in South Africa through our entrepreneurial-driven initiatives.
  • An exciting concept that aims to partner with organisations to reduce textile waste and empower local and rural communities.
  • A winning business model that empowers people, organisations and brings positive and dramatic change every step of the way, with everyone we partner with.
  • An initiative that gives back to children with life-threatening illnesses, whilst providing positive change and hope, one smile at a time.
  • We-Collect aims to address all these challenges, for long-term positive change in South Africa.
  • Request a meeting with us, we value the opportunity to discuss our initiatives!

The We-Collect Concept

  • Almost all textiles are 100% recyclable, through our campaigns partnered with organisations we can help avoid textiles ending up in landfills.
  • We-Collect has been established to help address waste in South Africa through recycling large volumes of textiles that would otherwise end up in landfills.
  • Most textiles which can be donated are of good quality, and can have a second chance in our local and rural communities. These provide our impoverished communities with affordable clothing and textiles for re-sale in the second hand market.
  • Textiles which cannot be used for re-sale due to inferior quality can be further recycled and used in the industrial sector for the stuffing of soft toys, pillows or even for rags.
Our Partnership with You

Our Partnership with You

  • Our attractive collection bins and bags are an easy means of driving donations through your organisation for lasting change.
  • We pay your organisation for every kilogram that is collected, we also pay our NGO partner Reach For A Dream Foundation on every Kilogram that is collected.
  • We take the hassle out of recycling by taking care of every step of the recycling and sorting process.
  • We take care of the admin and paperwork, the drop off of the bins and bags as well as the collection and weighing of these textiles. This makes it hassle-free for your organisation.
  • Our bins and bags are uniquely numbered and are trackable.
  • Each person donates their unwanted clothing, bags, hats, belts, toys and linens etc.
  • We take care of the recycling & sorting process at our recycling centre.
  • We sell these garments on to people we partner with, incentivising locals to re-sell and to empower their own lives through good quality textiles.
  • We pay your organisation and Reach for a Dream Foundation within 30 days of collection, directly into your nominated bank account.

Contact Us

o We-Collect Textile Recycling currently operates exclusively in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Province. We-Collect does not make collections from households or individuals. We-Collect only collects decent quality clothing and textiles with registered partnerships and all textiles should meet the above criteria. If you're an organisation in KZN that would like to participate please contact us below.

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